Shades of Light

It’s one of those lamps with energy bulbs,

serpentine in style, rainbow shades. A living room wall

becomes a thunderstorm. In the kitchen, features are


stark and aged, a focused camera angle. Food looks stale,

unappetizing. My mother tells me to watch my weight-

the fluorescence does it for me.


The bathroom is the most unpleasant yet bet lit room.

Akin to a doctor’s exam room, where Father tells me

not to cry or he’ll be disappointed.


Hallways are lit narrow passages. I see towers of

dark stairwells, vertical. Waterspouts, looming over doorways

until you reach the end of the vortex.


My bed is centered below a ceiling fan, a spotlight on me. I lie

and wait for my mother to say goodnight. Father is in the bathroom,

learning similarities.


(Written in January/February 2010)

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