possibility vs probability vs certainty

Possibility is such a beautiful concept. The idea that anything one can think or dream could one day become a reality. You can’t break the laws of physics or other realms of science unless you’re solely working on doing so, but aside from that, most things are possible. Probability is possibility heightened; the possibility is favorable and that much more tangible. Certainty is possibility realized, an idea formed completely and without question. Certainty leaves no room for doubt.

So few things are certain, quite a few things are probable, and many things are possible.

I think I like possibility the most.

Let’s take my goal for example. For those who haven’t been following, my goal is to attain an internship at a British television station in London, preferably Channel 4 or BBC2, both of which are currently looking for interns. I want to work on a show like Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy or Derek or NMTB or any other number of amazing shows they have. Is it possible I could achieve this goal? Hell yeah. Is it possible I could achieve this goal and become a permanent BBC2/Channel 4 employee and live forever in London? Also hell yeah.

Probability. Is it probable I will get this internship? I think it is probable. I think that I have a favorable chance (assuming I obtained a work Visa, overcame my anxiety, received a blessing from my family, etc.) and I think my application (which is coming along quite well) will be received well. I have to make a video and I’m doing everything I can to make it creative and fabulous. But, probability doesn’t make it so.

Is it certain I will get this internship? Of course not. To think that would be crazy. I’m not certain I’ll live through tomorrow. I could be hit by a giant rock hurling from outer space that crashes into me with such force it burrows through my brain and leaves a hole in the concrete. Is that possible? Yes. Is it probable? No. Is it certain? No. Is it certain not to happen? No.

It’s a beautiful cycle of thought.

Possibility is so much more romantic and exciting than certainty, sometimes. I could never live in a world of only certainty, it would bore me to death.

I like to think of god/godess/gods as a wonderful possibility. I’m not certain of god, I’m not even sure it’s probable. But the possibility, oh it makes me feel better than any certainty of god could. Being able to create the details in my mind with no basis or concrete evidence is more exciting than knowing what god/godess/gods would really be like. Then I could be disappointed, frightened, unsure. But the possibility creates a personal wonderland.

This cycle of thought can create deep seeded anxiety in me, though. Is it possible I could have a panic attack tomorrow? Yes. Probable? Not as of right now. Certain? No. This kind of thinking can create a terrible pattern that leaves me a prisoner of my apartment for days, my old agoraphobic and emetophobic habits creeping back into my brain.

Anything is possible, good or bad. But I’m working so very hard to push my thoughts towards the good. And so far it’s working.

(I took this picture late last night before bed- I’m in love with the way Chicago looks under snow.)



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