taking a break from cancer to discuss comedy and paper signs

Hi everyone. I need a break from the sadness and seriousness of cancer to discuss comedy and paper signs. See title.


Y’like Luxury Comedy? I like Luxury Comedy.
If you don’t know what Luxury Comedy is, here’s a lovely example:

It’s a fabulous show on Channel 4 UK that features a good chunk of The Mighty Boosh (including Dave Brown, Rich Fulcher, and the Fielding brothers. Julian Barratt is not part of it, alas, but then again it’s not The Mighty Boosh rebooted.) I like to think of it as Peter Sellers living in the modern wing of an art museum.
I showed this show to a few of my friends.
Reminder: we’re in Chicago.

I got reactions.
“this is the stupidest…what is that?!…okay (laughing loudly) why the fuck am I laughing at this.”
“Ah…haha…that’s funny.”
“Ahh, Warhol’s a robot.”
“That’s something, isn’t it?”

There’s something…lost on this kind of comedy in America. It’s a small group of people who find this funny when it first comes out. Remember Monty Python? I don’t, my mom was a kid, so I was definitely not around. OR WAS I. Nah, I wasn’t.

Anyway, the reaction to Monty Python in America when it first came out was not ridiculously favorable. It was thought to be too over the top and abstract, not any real comedy involved, just a bunch of blokes running around in dresses. The reaction in the UK, if I’m not mistaken, was also fairly negative in the beginning.

But ask any high school theatre kid nowadays in Chicago if their parrot is just resting, and they’ll be able to recite the entire skit.

The Mighty Boosh gained a huge fucking following in the UK when they came out, and they were kind of considered a modern Python with just as much magical pixie dust and physical absurdity. They were bigger than Coldplay. That’s not an exaggeration. They sold out the O2 Arena in London the night after Coldplay played the O2.
There’s something adorably childlike about the Boosh. Each time I watch these actors interact, I feel like they’ve reverted to 12 year olds with a (slightly) more extensive vocabulary.


So the slightly pretentious group at Adult Swim picked up the Boosh and put it on American TV. They cut some of it to fit their commercial time, but then it became popular amongst the college bros who stayed up til 3am eating pizza and started having an audience in this country.

Flash forward to 2012 after the Boosh has finished for the time being, and Noel Fielding has his own show on Channel 4. OMG BOOSH IS BACK!! People in the UK were fucking thrilled to see this was coming. So Channel 4 put together the first series with all new characters, plots, but all of Noel’s friends from the Boosh, minus Julian.

The show, from what I can see (no one fucking knows what this show is in the States, not enough to ever review it) got mostly positive reviews, but some pretty negative ones. Here’s one:
“this isnt funny, childish and looks like drug induced ramblings of theo walcott after too much chocolate the big question is how does he keep getting on tv when he has no talent, utter gash and a very dry one at that.”

So here I am. A 25 year old grad student in Chicago with a love for British culture, Samuel Beckett, and velvet.

I’m applying for an internship with Channel 4 as a production coordinator in the hopes of getting to work on the next series of Luxury Comedy. The application calls for a short, simple video to answer three questions.

I’ve made an art video and written a song for them.

I have to have some sort of edge with other applicants. I don’t even know if Ch 4 will want an American (I feel it could be tedious.)

So I will be posting that video soon. I just need to tweak it a bit.
But in the meantime,
I just want to say that I’m working so very hard on pursuing this dream and I am happy as fuck to be trying it.

I want to move to London to work on British TV pretty much more than anything (besides the dream I’m currently pursuing of becoming a teacher. Kind of a strange parallel, no?)

Let’s work it out.


  1. misswillow1974 · February 26, 2013

    Noel Fielding is quite the underrated comedian. I haven’t seen his new work on Channel Four yet but thanks for posting your blog today. And live your dreams I say 🙂

  2. levitra kopen · March 1, 2013

    I’m talking on my site about this situation aswell. So I totally agree with you!

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