The truth about being in our 20s.


I try not to be too judgmental, and in the vast majority of ways, I don’t think I am. For some reason, though, it’s so hard for me to just accept when my “peers” don’t work for what they have. My boyfriend playfully nicknamed me “Working Class Mem” because of my being intolerant of these types of people.

It’s definitely not against all people who get help from their parents or the government. Not at all! I think I let it go when there’s a bit of effort involved. For example, if someone out of college has an unpaid internship and intends to use this experience to get a full time job, it’s understandable that that person’s parents might support him/her financially. It’s hard to determine specific criteria, but I feel it’s okay when it’s temporary, there’s intention to become independent, and/or if it’s little things. My parents pay my…

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