On a touchscreen

It’s rather odd to write a blog post from a touchscreen, but I am too tired to get up, yet not tired enough to fall asleep.

I have been having horrible stress dreams. Last week, I dreamt my grandfather shot me in the stomach with a rifle. I could physically feel blood shooting out of me, and it was thick, warm, and dark.

Where do stress dreams come from? Why do we dream these horrible things that aren’t taken from thoughts we have during the day? I don’t understand why I dream with such fear, but I always dream in color. I guess most people don’t.

Ironically I am now falling asleep while writing this. I want to explore this further. I wish I could write or read in my sleep. That would be ideal for my mind. I could just keep on analyzing while i slept. Instead, I’ll roll over, gently nuzzle up to my snoring fiancé, and do everything I can to divert my dreams do happiness and calm.
Yeah. Sure.

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