On a touchscreen.


I have my final teaching exam tomorrow and I cannot shut my eyes. When I do, I imagine that I’ve lost my pencil, I’m stuck in a hallway that is more narrow with every step, and my clothes are missing.

Sounds like a Flaming Lips video.

When I find a band I love who have been around since I was born, I always wonder how I didn’t find them earlier. Maybe they were lost with my pencil.
I found Echo and the Bunnymen. Are they genius or what?

Sometimes I wonder if evolution will ever allow for the elimination of nonessential human elements. Like the appendix. Or eyebrows. Do we need eyebrows? Maybe we used to.
I love my eyebrows. They’re jet black and bushy.

And of course, now my eyelids are heavy. Writing calms me, even if it confuses others. I will still discover how to read and write with my eyes shut.

Oh, what will my dreams hold tonight?


One comment

  1. itsfruitcakeweather · June 1, 2013

    Best of luck on your exam tomorrow! 🙂

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