On a touchscreen in the morning.

Before I go back to sleep, I want to share this story.
Last night, as I was turning off the living room light, I noticed a large moth fluttering on my window. It was on the outside, but it was stuck in between the screen and window.
I couldn’t bring myself to go to bed until the moth was safe.
I spent several minutes wiggling the screen back and gently shooing the moth outside. Poor little thing wouldn’t leave, it only seemed scared.
Why did I give a shit about this moth? It’s a moth, it will die within weeks and won’t even know what it means to die. And here I am, nearly bending my screen and covering my hands in dust, for a moth.
I became angry. Why wouldn’t it just leave?
Then something baffling happened. The moth left through the other side. The screen doesn’t connect as they’re sliding windows, leaving a huge space on the left.
The moth was never stuck. I only assumed.
There is no moral, no deep meaning.
Sometimes moths are smarter than people.


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