On a touchscreen.

August. Hard to believe it’s already here.
My university has royally fucked me and misinformed me many times on when I begin student teaching. As of tonight, I have no idea when I’m stepping into the classroom. I can’t even begin to explain the frustration. I hate to use such a simple phrase, but it’s so unfair.
I just want to teach. I’m not even out of grad school and already I’m dealing with unnecessary bullshite. Come on, DePaul, pull yourself together!
I just have to keep a happy attitude.
Although that was very hard to do today.

My fiancé is sleeping beside me, snoring rhythmically. It’s putting me in a much calmer state.



  1. lemonmem · August 1, 2013

    Oh crap! So you don’t know at all?

    • modernclassic13 · August 2, 2013

      As of right now, no, I have no clue. It’s one of THREE dates, but they’re all far apart. DePaul’s advising program has been nothing but a disappointment.

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