On a touchscreen.

A friend of mine just posted a blog that begged the question, “if you had to do it all over again but nothing changed, would you still do it?”
I didn’t even hesitate. Of course I would.
I went through something at the age of 11 no one should ever experience, especially at such a young age. It ruined part of my soul, but the remainder became this glowing, beautiful type of soul, the type of soul that woke up everyday and was damn happy to do so.
I am who I am because I was damaged.

I once thought about ending it, but damn this beautiful soul inside me, it won’t let me quit. I think it may be made up of old souls, the parts that have survived for hundreds of years.

I am calloused but I’m lovely.
I am unsure but I’m learning to like it.
I am afraid but I’m flipping off the fear.

There’s really no question.
I would wake up tomorrow, September 25, 1999, to be who I am now.

Would you?


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