Day Two.

There seems to be a connection between the difficulty of what I teach, my overall mood and state of mind, and the loss of my vocabulary and common sense after school is over.

Today was one of those days.
I woke up like a shot at 4am from a terrible stress dream. My head and legs were soaked in sweat, as they usually are after a nightmare. I don’t remember exactly what the dream was about, but I know a very scary witch woman was running around trying to burn me with a cigarette. She succeeded a few times, so in my dream, my skin was melting/burning. She looked like the skank from the episode of Breaking Bad where she kills Spooge with an ATM machine.
Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/ Still Photographer
You can’t make this shit up.

Today, we finished our work with Ransom of Red Chief and answered some questions about conflict and resolution. Quite a few of the students didn’t seem very engaged with this activity. I had them break into groups of 3/4, and some of them weren’t even facing their partners. I don’t know why there was such resistance today; they’re usually much more responsive.But they finished the story and understood the conflicts, and that’s what matters, I guess.
In the second half of class, we did some vocab work, then we moved on to some videos on If you haven’t heard of it, brainpop is an awesome education resource with short cartoons that explain different subjects. For grammar, we looked at verb tenses, parts of speech, and subject/verb agreement. After the video, they took some review “quizzes” on the site to measure understanding.
Tim the human and Moby the robot are the voices of Brainpop. I think there’s an uncanny resemblance to the DJ…
Or is it just me?
The kids really like this website. They’ve used it before, so it’s not a totally new experience, but the grammar videos were new to them. They didn’t do as well on the “quizzes” as I would have liked, but we can go over these concepts in class later this week and next week.

Tomorrow is going to be really long. We have a different Wendnesday schedule than the rest of the week, and our class sizes almost double for the day. I’m completely on my own in the afternoon (although I have a sub, but I won’t have my cooperating teacher.) I’m also having some personal issues that won’t get any better tomorrow, but I know I can get through it.

My day was long and tough, which means I played Diablo in the evening, and I will likely fall asleep watching Spongebob.
My brain, body, and soul need a break. I can’t wait for October 18th. This-Episode-Came-Out-13-Years-Ago.


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