Day Four and Day Five.

My sixth week of student teaching is complete. I can’t believe I’m already halfway done with this experience, because it feels like I just started.

After Wednesday, I was feeling pretty defeated. I’d had such a crappy day, in which everything that could go wrong, did. I wanted to stay in bed until Sunday, but I’m a teacher, and I can’t do that.

Something strange happened to me Wednesday night. I fell asleep around 12:15 and woke up several hours later in such a stupor. I just had to pee, so I stumbled downstairs and came back with my eyes half open. It was still dark out, so I figured I had at least a few more hours to go. I checked my phone just to be sure. It was 1:09am. I had only been asleep for 45 minutes, but I’d been so heavily asleep I thought it’d been hours. I’ve never had that happen. Wednesday really took a toll on me.

Thursday awaited.
I got to school right on time and attended our weekly 1st period meeting with the 8th grade team. We talked about a few things, teachery things, and I went back into my classroom with a heavy heart. I didn’t want to teach today. I really didn’t. On top of everything, I had my second observation scheduled with my university. A representative comes from my university to observe me five times before I graduate, and this was my second. I had to “perform” for my observation, to make sure everything was perfectly organized, executed, and summarized.

(If you’ve never seen Bob’s Burgers, I highly recommend it. Tina is my favorite.)

The morning went pretty well. The students were pretty receptive to my lessons, although they too seemed academically hungover from the day before. It was just a quiet morning. It seemed to drag, but by the time lunch came around, I felt nervous. I wasn’t ready for my observation. My students weren’t in the mood, and I certainly wasn’t either.
My DePaul representative came during 7th period and had this to say:
“Your lesson plans are very well constructed. The goals and objectives for each lesson are clearly indicated and communicated to the students. Technology was creatively incorporated into the lesson. Your classroom demeanor projects enthusiasm for teaching and interacting with the students. It also keeps the lesson moving at a good pace because you solicit answers from the students to maintain participation while you are lecturing.”

I was pretty happy with that review.
The rest of Thursday went pretty well. I went home afterwards and took a 2.5 hour nap. I woke up to the sound of screaming children running around outside. BE QUIET IT IS 7PM WHAT THE FUCK.

I woke up today at 7:15 and spent 25 minutes lying in bed trying to think of a good enough excuse to skip the first period (which is a planning period anyway) so I could sleep an extra two hours. Obviously I can’t do that when I’m a teacher, so WHATEVER I’LL JUST GET UP UGH.
The best thing about today was watching Spongebob three times. We watched the episode “squeaky boots”, which is actually a pretty faithful rendition of The Tell-Tale Heart. The students were pretty excited to watch it, though not nearly as pumped as I thought they would be. In fact, a few of my students seemed completely nonplussed that they got to watch cartoons on a Friday.
So next time, they can get a worksheet and I’ll get this:
Sloths would need extra test time.

The students also had a grammar/vocab/lit quiz (it was only 20 points, but it combined elements from each section I taught this week), and they complained about how they weren’t ready. Not only did I prepare them on Thursday pretty well, but they’d known about this quiz since Monday. I think they had a pretty easy time in 7th grade and assumed this year would be the same.
I’m going to challenge the Hell out of them.
DEAL WITH IT, KIDS. High school is coming up quicker than you think.
I went back to the city an hour after school let out. James and I went to Reckless Records and saw one of my favorite bands perform.

I love me some good Scottish music.
I ended my day with meeting the band and getting my album signed.

They were sweethearts.

So that was my week. I’m going to play GTA V in my sweatpants until Sunday afternoon, when I will drive to my mom’s and watch the Breaking Bad series finale.


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  1. QTRlifer · September 28, 2013

    You did it! Your first whole week on your own. Yay!

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