On a freezing touchscreen.

Well, it’s -10 outside, with a wind chill of -29.
I fear we may parish in the night.
Damn you, beautiful city. I love you so much, then you do this and I can’t help but resent you a little. Don’t be mean. Please?
Jimmy and I watched Sherlock, the first episode of Girls, and a Diablo Cody movie called Paradise. I didn’t really care for Girls. The movie was pretty good, and I really liked Sherlock, obvs.
I’m wearing the following clothes in bed:
Knee high socks
Tank top
Wool Irish sweater
Fleece hat shaped like a zebra
I can’t help but fear that these windows will shatter in the night, killing us in our sleep.
I’m glad I went out earlier to get milk. Our grocery store didn’t have any, so I had to get it from the express store down the street. It was still above 0 then. Good times.
The media and Twitter have created the hashtag #ChiBeria, which I kind of love, despite its awfulness. Although, I saw the absolute best hashtag: #antarcDitka. How goddamn genius is that? I can’t handle how simple this town is sometimes. It warms my heart, and I need all the warmth I can get.
What will I do tomorrow, locked inside with even colder winds howling at my windows?
I will probably paint.
I will definitely oversleep.
I will re-watch Sherlock.
I will take a scalding bath.
I will drink more wine to warm my tummy.
I will finish reading my book.
I will write my fiction.
I will practice dancing with my fiancé for our wedding. (We practiced in our living room tonight, and yes, it made me cry a little.)
I will eat anything I want (that’s in the apartment).
And I will call my family.

Now goodnight. I’m up far too late.

Our bedroom windows have frozen from the inside. I’m just waiting for The Thing to come crashing in.

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