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tripp shy2

Meet our little Tripp. This sweet kitten was found in a window well with his brother, an orange tabby, and brought to CatNap. Tripp was born, we assume, with no back foot. While he is able to walk and run at his current height, this will not be possible as he grows.

tripp leg

In his present condition, he is a happy and healthy kitten, but he does have callouses formed on the end of his leg where his foot should be from walking on it. As he continues to use his leg, these callouses will get larger and have the possibility of abscessing, causing Tripp discomfort.

tripp stump

Today Tripp visited our vet, Elmhurst Animal Care Center and was examined to determine the best mode of care for him. The vets there recommended an amputation of his leg mid-femur. This will give Tripp the best chance at leading a normal and healthy life.

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