On an icy touchscreen.

Another bullshit night in suck city.
While I’m not nearly as anxious, depressed, and sleep deprived as last winter (and I hope I never will be), the weather has slowly been killing me.
The worst January our fair city has seen in 35 years, and I’m living in a corner unit. Tonight, we were once again forced to drag the mattress into the living room, because our bedroom is so cold and frozen over that I can see my breath.
For the last few days, I’ve had a really deep and dry cough, but I don’t feel sick. My chest just hurts.

My family is going through some really hard times right now, and it makes it worse that it’s so cold that I would need to let my car run for 20 minutes before I could leave here to get to them. I think I’ll be going out there tomorrow evening, just to check on everyone. It will make me feel better. I want to help.

I had a Skype job interview today, but, thanks to the magic of the internet, my email confirmation said 4pm, but it was set at 4pm Greenwich Mean Time (because that would happen to me). At 10am I got a phone call that I wasn’t online, and I had no clue why they were calling me. The mistake was fixed, though, and I’ll be interviewing later this week.

I’m extremely stressed about my finances. I need a lucrative job (or two). I just found out I have to apply for a specific regional substitute license (even though my license covers the entire state). Not only is the fee for this over $80 (which was about my pay for a full day of teaching I did last week), but the website isn’t working. So, I can’t apply to the thing I need, and I can barely cover the massive fee to get the license that allows me to work!!

I’m sorry if this blog is more down than usual; I’m just having a really tough few days. And I can’t do the one thing I’d really like to do, which is go for a long walk.

The rest of the week has gotta get better. Here’s hoping. ❤

At least someone is happy about us sleeping in the living room. 🙂



  1. lemonmem · January 28, 2014

    Sounds like you got a little news recently to sweeten the bleakness? I hope things get better!

    • modernclassic13 · January 29, 2014

      Thanks love, and yeah, today’s subbing news helped a LOT. 🙂

  2. chairmanmanuel · January 31, 2014

    Man, I can relate to the soar throat, but not feeling sick thing. I have like intermittent symptoms of a soar throat and terrible cough, but they come and go depending on how dried out I am. It’s like chronically feeling like you’re almost sick. Winter is the worst when it’s this long and cold; lets just hope we get through soon.

  3. Russel Ray Photos · February 3, 2014

    With our winter rainy season over with, reports are that we had the driest winter in all of San Diego recorded history. Doesn’t bode well for the fire season to come later.

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