On a touchscreen.

I seem to write a lot just before falling asleep. I purge my ideas so my dreams won’t be so cluttered.
Of course, my dreams are usually frightening and sweaty. I dreamt the other night, for example, someone had cloned my old dog, Victor, and was forcing me to watch as he shot every clone in the head. I had to watch my poor already-deceased dog die, over and over again.
And this constitutes restful sleep…how?

I am so sick of people using Facebook as their soapbox. I have a few friends whom I’ve come close to being deleted a number of times, because they just want to tell other people how to live their lives.
Everyone is human. Everyone is flawed. If you have a problem with that, find your flaws and take comfort in them. They make you who you are. But, unless someone’s views are emotionally and/or physically hurting someone else, let it go. Please. It’s okay for one person to believe in something you don’t.
That’s what makes the human race interesting. We will never be perfect, because we don’t know what perfect is.
Use social media as a soapbox for a dialogue, a constructive conversation, and for love. But not for hate. Hate is just a lack of education and understanding.
This is a weird generation to be a part of. On one hand, we have the entire world on a touchscreen. On the other, the internet has created so much more acceptance of anger and misinformation.
When I have a child, they will be allowed to voice their opinion on anything. They can disagree with me on political issues, they can be as different than me as they like. But they can never hate. Never. And they must always be well educated about the opposing argument.
I guess I just used social media as my own soapbox against other soapboxes.
On that note, I’d really love to own a box full of good soap. It would smell lovely.

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