Remember when I had time to blog?

Yeah, those were simpler times. Even as I write this, I’m using my planning period.

So good news: teaching hasn’t killed me yet or ruined my soul. Yay!
humbs up.

I have had a pretty hard time adjusting to this, I won’t lie. I do the work of two teachers: I’m a writing teacher, and I’m a resource teacher. A resource teacher works with kids who are failing. Specifically, I work with freshmen. Part of me feels for them. It’s their first year of high school, which can be scary enough. And this school has some very strict policies. There are some policies I don’t know about…
But, at the same time, a lot of these kids just don’t seem to value grades. I think a lot of them think they can scrape by with Ds, and they’ll make it through high school just fine. That’s not the case, though, as we all know. A lot of these kids have Fs, and they’re not high Fs: they’re 40% or lower.
That’s not good.
I’m really brainstorming how I can make it easier for these kids. I only have six weeks to work with them, which is very little time indeed. So what do I do? A few are being “retained”, meaning they’re not even moving on to sophomore year.
I hope hope hope I get a job here next year, because I feel there are some really kickass policies and interventions we could be implementing to make sure these kids succeed.
The writing part of the curriculum has had me stressing, though. I haven’t been given any help or curriculum, so I’m basically winging it. I don’t know what to do! I’ve asked for help, I’ve tried my best, but no one has checked on me, had a talk with me, or even seen me in action. To them, I might as well not be here!
I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed.

I like the resource part of the job. I don’t really like the writing part. I LOVE the students so much, and I like working with them in writing class, but I don’t like the reception I’ve been given. I feel like I’m not getting any guidance or feedback. Am I doing this right? Am I following any sort of plan?!

Deep breath in….aaaand out.

On that note, I’ve decided to start doing yoga again. I really, really need to. I went to a 2 hour class on Saturday, and it was my first time doing yoga in over a year. I felt so damn good. It hurt like hell the next day, but in a wonderful way. Oh hey, I do have a body, and yes, it would like to have some physical activity! Definitely want to keep going with yoga.

Sunday was James’ and my wedding shower! I have to give so much credit to my best girlfriends for throwing it for us. We don’t really have bridesmaids or groomsmen, so there was no obligation on their part to do it! I was pretty overwhelmed by the love.

Thank you so much to my amazing friends for throwing us this shower. It was absolutely beautiful!!

image (1)

We cut our cake! 🙂 We’re having cupcakes at our wedding, so we won’t have anything to cut.

image (2)
I cut way too big of a slice!!

image (4)
All our best friends came! Hi best friends!!

image (8)
My family came, which made me insanely happy!

image (7)
My mom is my best friend. For real. ❤

image (6)We got really sweet cards and gifts. It made me feel a little overwhelmed to be the center of attention like this! 🙂

image (5)
Mike and Emily got us a sloth card, because they know I’m a sloth!

image (3)
Then all the adults went home, and it was just us cool kids. I say “adults” because, despite getting married in three weeks, I still feel like a kid most of the time.
So thank you everyone. It made James and I feel incredibly lucky. The wedding is just 24 days away, WHAT. Can’t wait to see you all there!!

So there ya have it. A few stressful moments, but mostly happy and lovely ones.
Love to all!

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