In a week, Jimmy and I will be moving to Roscoe Village, a wonderful neighborhood in the city, just a few miles west from where we currently live.

BCP-Map-v3The little green area to the west of Lakeview? That’s where we’ll be.
Right now we live in that little hub to the east, Boystown.

We have lived in Boystown (a part of Lakeview) for four years. It’s been my home and my life. Tonight, I decided to talk a long walk alone and take in my neighborhood. I love that I am comfortable enough to walk alone in at night around here.

There are so many things that drive me nuts about this area, but I am really going to miss it overall.

Here are some of the things I will miss:
-the person who played their violin outside my window when I napped
-Russell, the Jewel cashier who works the overnight shift
-the smell of chicken and peppers that often seems to fill our lobby
-my bathroom window, which I often used for observing people outside while I showered
-laying on the floor doing yoga with my bunny
-sitting on the bus bench outside our window, just to get some fresh air
-walking to Caribou for lemon loaf, then sitting on the curb outside
-all the adorable dogs that flock down Halsted
-winters alongside the lake (and that time they closed Lake Shore Drive for everyone to go sledding)
-Pride. Pride. Pride.


(2014-it was a bit chilly this year, so I had to wear clothes, unfortunately.)

-Market Days (It’s like Pride, but bigger somehow.)
( I was playing Twister with male adult film stars.)

-the happiness I would get from seeing every type of person happily walk down the streets
-Jimmy’s reigning title as “Mayor of Broadway”. He’s worked at the same video store for almost 4 years, and every time we go out, at least 3 people recognize him and love him.
– countless parties and get togethers with our best friends and family.
(Our moving in party in September 2010)

(Our engagement party)

(Some random event)

(In which we celebrated my graduation from grad school)

-All the photos I took of myself in an attempt to be artsy, most of which I think turned out really well.


(I love using Jimmy as a canvas)




-Nights staying up with Jimmy and playing video games until the sun peaked through the buildings
-Falling asleep on the couch with Trouble
-taking evening strolls down Halsted on hot summer nights to take in the neighborhood

Things I will not miss:
I fucking hate Wrigleyville.

Here’s to Roscoe Village. Here’s to a new neighborhood to fall in love with. Here’s to going back to Boystown with the knowledge that while some people might just be visiting, I know what a beautiful little world it truly is.


One comment

  1. QTRlifer · June 24, 2014

    I like the post, but I also like your new design on your blog. Miss you!

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