On a touchscreen.

I had a Facebook status about this, but I deleted it.
I hate when people argue on the internet. It’s about as useful as supporting a political movement but only paying lip service to the cause.
There is nothing more despicable than using the computer as a cloak to protect yourself while spewing hatred at others.
If you have a political or personal opinion, you better be prepared to say exactly what you would type on the computer to a person sitting across from you.
Remember, these people have opinions too. Neither one of you is greater than the other.
I will always say exactly what I believe to any person who wants to talk about it. However, that person better be prepared to talk calmly and constructively over coffee and muffins. I will always listen to whatever anyone has to say, no matter how much I disagree.
The last thing our world needs is more hatred and anger.
So, here is a brief list of what I truly believe in.
-every single person is equal. No limitations, no exceptions.
-the LGBTQ community rocks. They’re the most loving and positive group I’ve ever known. Get to know them.
-as a woman, I appreciate being able to decide what goes on all up in my body. Thanks.
-guns serve no purpose. Countless countries live safe, virtually gun-free existences, so please don’t tell me they’re useful.
-immigrants come to our country for a reason. Let them have a chance.
-atheism can be just as toxic as extremist religion. No one knows who’s right. You can have religion or atheist views and still be loving.
-blaming the president for everything wrong with our country is about as logical as blaming cheddar cheese for its bright yellow color.
-hatred is evil. Love may seem naive and silly, but it makes all the difference.
The end.

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