We need your help saying goodbye!

Welcome to CatNap From the Heart!

The end of the year is quickly closing in. Before we say goodbye to 2014, we would like to reach a goal of saying goodbye to some of the cats we have had with us for a while. Some of these cats are still with us because they have special needs, some are shy, others just haven’t met their person yet; several have been with us since 2013.

Over the next few weeks you will meet these cats on the blog and hear their stories. Perhaps they are the right cat for you or someone you know. Maybe they are a cat you would like to foster for the holiday.

Please consider opening your home and your heart to one (or two) of these wonderful cats.

Mabel and Mortimer Mabel and Mortimer

Calli and Butters Calli and Butters

Zoey Zoey

Gus Gus

Tori and Cheddar Tori and Cheddar

Jeeves Jeeves

Our foster application can be found here: http://catnapfromtheheart.org/support/foster
Applications for adoption can…

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