On a touchscreen.

Tonight, I asked my husband if we could just lie in silence.
He asked if there was an embargo on speech, and I giggled and said no. I just like pure silence sometimes.
He rolled over and nudged me so I could spoon him. I laced my arm between his and slowly ruffled his hair.
While we lay in bed, the only illumination coming from the glow in the dark stars above us, I understood what this moment meant.
I would never get it back.
There would never be one just like it.
If I didn’t stop and appreciate it with all my heart, I would miss the true impact of it.
I don’t live in the present very often. Normally, I float between worrying about the immediate future and over analyzing the distant future.
But in this little space in time, our time, I only thought about twirling his hair in between my fingers.
And then I had to write it down because I don’t want to forget the moment in the future.
I don’t know if I’ll ever truly live “in the moment”, but I certainly have moments that I truly love.

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