On a touchscreen.

Sometimes, when I’m getting ready to fall asleep, I wonder what kind of day I’ll wake up to.
Will it be sunny? Snowy?
Will I feel well? Will I be tired?
Will I have a good day? Will it be rough?

The past two weeks, all of my days have felt the same. I wake up tired, sad, and completely unsure of where I’m going.

There’s no real reason for this blog post. It’s just how I feel.
I hope it changes soon.


  1. Kirsty Karlsson · February 12, 2015

    Your post has given me a flicker of realisation. It can be hard to suspend consciousness … for fear of what we might wake up to in our own minds. It’s so hard to believe that our tired foggy head can clear … or might not … the night will do it’s thing.

  2. qrparker · February 12, 2015

    I know that feeling. Keep fighting.

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