Good god, I haven’t posted in a long time.

Normally, I’m apt to post once or twice a week. Apparently, I haven’t posted in nearly two months. I guess that just shows how busy I’ve been.

I’ll start back in early March.

As I mentioned in February, I was offered a job with a benefits software company as a documentation specialist, aka technical writer. I’d not written professionally before, especially for a big company like this. It was also such a departure from teaching. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to step away from education for the time being.
I knew  in my heart, however, that I needed to.
Come on, heart…let’s let go for now.
God DAMMIT, education, don’t be a bitch.

Teaching is a passion and a love for me, and when that passion was so strained that I found no joy in it, I knew I had to go away for a while. It wasn’t ‘goodbye’, but rather ‘until next time’.
So I accepted the benefits job. I was pretty excited to start something so new and different. I figured out that I could drive to the train station about 10 minutes from my house to get to Ogilve, right in the heart of the Loop. I’d never worked in the Loop before! It felt like a businesswoman with slightly cooler clothes.

The first two weeks were a bit of a blur. I absorbed as much information as I could, but I was still lost at times. This is pretty normal at any job, but a job in an entirely new field? I was so worried someone would stand up, point, and shout excitedly, “A-ha! This miscreant knows nothing of the industry! Let us cane her before throwing her out this 11 story window!”
She’s a witch! She knows not what Defined Contributions are!

I’ve been bruised at MANY teaching jobs (as my previous entries have noted). I assumed that my co-workers (apart from one of my best friends, who got me the job, but works in a different department) would give me a very steep learning curve and roll their eyes in exasperation when I asked a question with guilty eyes.
Imagine my surprise when everyone was accommodating, patient, and respectful.
It was a FUCKING surprise.

So here I am, seven weeks later, with the best attendance record I’ve ever had at a job, ready to help release a new software update and all the writing that comes with it.
Me too, Mr. Manatee. Me too.

In other news, Jimmy and I took a much-needed vacation over Easter weekend to New Orleans! I’d never been before, and I was excited to see Jimmy’s family and my cousin! We were going to be staying with Jimmy’s aunt and seeing all the things we possibly could in a four day trip.
I used to be such a calm flyer, but I became a nervous one after my anxiety started to really kick in around 16 years old. I was determined to be calm on this trip.
Of course, our flight down to NOLA was delayed almost two hours.
I sat in the terminal, reading my book and watching the sun set. Side note, a sunset at O’Hare is quite lovely.
When we got on the flight, I was hopeful that it would be smooth and quick.
The flight to New Orleans wasn’t bad. My hands went numb for about 15 minutes during takeoff, but they quickly regained feeling once the seatbelt sign went off and I could stand up and walk up and down the aisle.
Jimmy’s grandmother and partner Walter picked us up from the airport. As soon as I stepped outside, I felt calm. It was 75 degrees and humid as shit. That’s my kind of weather, always.
His aunt also lives next to one of the biggest cemeteries in the city. It’s beautiful.

The entire trip was great, but it went by so quickly. That Saturday, I got to spend the entire day with my cousin and her husband.
We look like sisters. ❤

Jimmy’s grandmother had a wonderful birthday party (she turned 76!), and we all got to eat delicious food, have some drinks, and watch the sun set.
My amazing husband and me at Ninni’s birthday party. ❤

After the party, we went to Bourbon Street. Coming from Chicago, I assumed there was no way it was worse than Wrigleyville or River North. Sweet Jesus, was I wrong. It smelled like vomit and trash water, I did in fact see boobs, and everyone was disgusting. I hated it, but I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time.
So gross, it actually made me appreciate Wrigleyville. At least they don’t have strip clubs.

The next day was Easter! We spent the entire day in the French Quarter. It was wonderful. I decided to splurge and buy a beautiful dress from Trashy Diva (seriously, if you love pinup, check out their clothes).
10985026_4102853086762_1347137164558580037_n (1)

We went to the Gay Easter Parade (that’s absolutely what it’s called) and I caught many, many beads. It started to rain when the parade was over, so Jimmy and I took the streetcar back to his aunt’s house. We ended up getting on the wrong streetcar and had to walk a while, but it was so warm out, we couldn’t care less.
That night, we were going to go out, but it was pouring rain, and we were exhausted. We ate chips and watched the Mad Men premier instead. WORTH IT.

The next day, we went to the garden district to explore plantation houses and cemeteries.
This is Trent Reznor’s former house. I wonder if he made it with nine inch nails.

The flight home was terrible. One of the worst flights I’ve ever been on. We had great seats right before first class, so we had lots of leg room. I was hopeful it would be a good flight, but the turbulence was too much. I started losing my breath and my teeth chattered uncontrollably. When I was finally able to get out of my seat, I bolted to the bathroom and stood in front of the impossibly small mirror, chanting “I can feel the ground. I can feel my clothes. I am present. I am okay.”
It helped so much. (THANK YOU YOGA.)

Let’s see, what the fuck else is new?

My 27th birthday was last week. Dang. 27. Jimmy’s favorite number!
My coworkers decorated my desk and made me a birthday card with a sloth, David Bowie, and a manatee on it. They must have talked to Emily because THOSE ARE MY THREE FAVORITE THINGS.
I had a shindig over the weekend to celebrate. It was pretty low key but still really fun. We were going to go bowling, but the wait time was almost two hours.
This is how I bowl, by the way.

I’m going to write a separate blog about yoga and Grammy and some other deeper thoughts, but this is pretty much everything that’s happened in the last month and a half.

Oh, and my appendix hasn’t grown back. Huzzah!

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