On a touchscreen.

Quick blog before bed.

I’ve had a really rough couple of weeks. Two Mondays ago, I got an IUD, because I’d been on several different birth control pills and was ready for a change. The procedure was pretty painful, but my mom was with me and that helped a lot. I thought I’d be okay just taking one day to work from home, but the next day, I was sweaty and nauseous and stayed home.

Nine days after I got it (and four days since I’d stopped having pain and bleeding), I woke up with terrible pelvic pain. It felt like my bladder was super full and pushing on my cervix. I called my doctor and they told me to come in immediately. We decided to take the IUD out.

I was so devastated. I felt like I’d failed as a woman. I went through so much with pills; the IUD was a great option for me. But less than two weeks later, and it had tilted in me and needed to be removed.

I will probably go back on the pill, but I’m taking a break for a few months. My poor body needs to recover. I don’t want my uterus mad at me.

I had a really nice weekend, overall. I saw my friends everyday, played games, got some naps in, and spent some good time with my husband. Oh, and Jimmy and I went to Market Days. I love it so. 

I’m pretty nervous for the weekend. My family is finally going up to the lakehouse to spread Grammy’s ashes. It’s time. We’re all ready. But, it’s going to be so hard. 

Well, off to bed. I’m going to try my luck at biking to the train tomorrow. ❤ 

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