On an early morning touchscreen.

I’ve been feeling anxious and uncomfortable all night, something which I haven’t had to deal with in a long time. In a way, that feels great, because I’ve been able to manage my stress and anxiety well. But, that means when it does hit me, it’s exceptionally tough to deal with. 

Things have mostly been good, though. I’m coming up on nine months at my job, and I still love it. It saddens me a little that my education degree isn’t being utilized to the fullest extent, but with how fucking broke our state is and CPS on the verge of striking, it’s for the best. My husband works for a company that manages the recess and after school programs at a ton of CPS schools, and if CPS strikes, he refuses to be a scab and will likely be out of a job too. That’s down the road a ways, but I’m not worried. He’ll find a far better job, and I’m proud of him for standing by the teachers.

My photography endeavors have really been paying off. I’m reaching out to bands and being granted permission to do a fair amount of shows. I’ve received a few standalone offers to shoot for online publications, but most of them have turned out to be a little seedy and more trouble than they’re worth. I’ve been better off independently researching bands and photographing shows that way. 

For Thanksgiving, we’re going back to Canada, this time to Montreal! I’m very excited to visit such a beautiful town. A few weeks later, I’ll be traveling solo to New York City to see a play called Lazarus, starring Michael C. Hall and which has new David Bowie songs/material. I’ve been wanting to take a trip alone for years, and I finally feel like I’m ready to do so. 

Well, that’s a super short update on how things have been lately. I’m going to write again soon; I’ve still got a lot to say. But for now, it’s 5am, and I’ve got to try and close my eyes. 

(Quick plug again! Please check out my site at katescottphotography.com!) 



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