everything i can see

It’s been a very long winter, but not necessarily a bad one.

When I came back from New York in December, I was at home for no more than 20 minutes before I went to the doctor. I’d been feeling sick on the plane, and I wanted to make sure it didn’t get any worse. The doctor said I had a sinus infection and prescribed me Augmentin. I felt pretty good for a week or so, then started feeling really rotten the day after Christmas. I went back to the doctor before New Year’s, and they said my sinusitis had become bronchitis.


More meds, and two weeks later (the last week of January), and I was barely able to breathe. My chest hurt constantly, and my cough was so bad I kept retching. I went back to the doctor, and they did a chest X-ray.

SPOILERS I HAD PNEUMONIA. I probably had it for a long time beforehand too. So, onto a massive regime of antibiotics, steroids, and long-term asthma meds. Wheeee. It was also at the worst possible time, work-wise. We have several software releases a year, and I managed to get sick the week of the January release. I worked from home for most of the end of the month, and I’m still recovering. I am feeling much better now, though.

A few weeks ago, I got my David Bowie tattoo. I went to Revolution Tattoo in Logan Square, and it took three hours. I was a bit surprised it took so long, simply because my Queen tattoo only took an hour, but this one was much more intricate and detailed. I’m enamored with the outcome and am so proud to have Bowie’s influence on my body.12644662_4497862681755_8132310309727491384_n.jpg


It’s healed up wonderfully, and I’m ready to rock some summer dresses to show it off.

Next week, I’ll be going on vacation to LA with Jimmy and our good friend, Kevin. We’re going to visit our friends Alex and Ariane, and I CANNOT WAIT. I need sunlight and humidity and palm trees. I feel like I have tuberculosis and need to be shipped off to the coast for healing. Time to heal.

Other than that, not much else exciting going on. I’m feeling a little burnt out with work and my health, but I’m on the mend. I went to a great yoga class tonight and did some grocery shopping at Target afterwards. Soon, I will be on a beach, and all will be well. Goodnight. ❤


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